Black market of Hair Transplant Surgery

August 23, 2019

Black market of Hair Transplant Surgery Is a Cause of Concern

Glojas has been advising the masses for two decades now that those who are keen in Hair Restoration Surgery, should seek only the best qualified and experienced Doctors and not settle for quacks who offer knock down prices because the repercussions can be extremely severe resulting in permanent medical issues and even death.


Many of these quacks or “doctors” practise at temporary spaces in Hotels and places unthinkable and not heard off. They never practise from a registered clinic neither Hospitals. In Malaysia we have seen many such unscrupulous practises and the masses keep falling for their marketing gimmicks due to incredibly low prices. It literally goes down to; “When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!”


The end result throws the patient into endless suffering both medically and emotionally and leaves one in excruciating pain and excessive bleeding whilst permanent scars and abnormal hairlines with extensive disfiguring.


We at GLOJAS work very diligently in educating the masses about the endless dangers of settling for quacks who claim to be doctors but hold no authentic credentials as doctors nor as Hair Restoration Doctors. This has brought about endless complications that have proven to be fatal, to begin with, intolerable pain caused by fatal infections.


At GLOJAS we echo the sentiments of The ISHRS that the masses must be aware of the black market and such unscrupulous practises must be reported and severely dealt with.


In many incidents we hear about blatantly arrogant patients who believe that their strong financial backgrounds give them the license to demand more than permissible. They push their doctors beyond the limit, for example, demanding for 10,000 grafts but in reality, a human being can only withstand 2000 to 4000 grafts in one sitting.


At GLOJAS, we implore you to do your homework before considering a hair restoration in any country. Laws and regulations pertaining to surgical procedures can differ from country to country.


As in Malaysia, The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) has only one qualified Diplomate practitioner and that is, Glojas Doctor. This highly learned and richly experienced doctor is also member of the ISHRS. He is in this business for his passion and drive in bringing about results on par with world class standards.


Glojas Doctor has built international reputation and trust after being in this practise for the last twenty years. We can proudly say from our records that we have delivered and proven 100% success in results, safety and hygiene.


As for those living outside Malaysia, we provide complimentary hotel stay located close to our Clinical practice. We regularly receive patients from the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. We strongly advise the masses that quality, comfort, safety and hygiene does come with a price and at the same time we offer very competitive prices whilst not compromising on our quality and safety.


Book us today for your FREE Consultation with our Doctor  Call us or whatssap us immediately at; +60123529919 or +60178129961







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