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SMART FUE hair transplant

We at Glojas strive in placing Malaysia on the world map for Medical Tourism in Hair Transplant Surgery. We aim at working closely with our government’s initiative in making Malaysia the Region for affordable and safe medical care. Medical Care that upholds integrity and professionalism. ​

SMART FUE Recovery

The Recovery Process after the SMART FUE Hair Transplant is astounding and our patients are our living testimonies of our great and highly professional work.

Results of SMART FUE

This testimony is by our patient after 3 months of his SMART FUE Hair Transplant Surgery. The results are remarkable and his satisfaction speaks volumes!

Hair Medication

We require medications to be followed religiously by our patients and the end results will bring about satisfactory results such as the video below. Patients will have to adhere to our SMART Hair Medication Protocol until they achieve a head full of thick and lustrous hair.

Post Procedure

This patient speaks about his experience during the SMART FUE Hair Transplant Procedure. He further explains on the protocols adhered to upon the completion of the surgery and his satisfaction in experiencing the daily results.

Beard Hair Transplant

This patient speaks about his fullest joy and satisfaction after undergoing a Beard Hair Transplant at Glojas. He is certainly overjoyed with the thickness and quality of his beard hair growth.

SMART FUE & Rejuvenation

A notable celebrity speaks about his satisfaction after having undergone the SMART FUE Hair Transplant and the monthly hair rejuvenation treatments. He speaks about the importance of having this procedure done in an experienced Hair Transplant Clinic and Doctors hence his fullest satisfaction with Glojas.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant (SMART FUE ) GLOJAS

SMART FUE Hair Restoration

Satisfied patient from Timor-Leste. SMART FUE Hair Restoration.

Hair Rejuvenation Therapy

Our customer from The United Kingdom speaks about his experience with us in his monthly hair rejuvenation therapy which has yielded positive results.


This video shows the process of SMART FUE Design. Designs are tailored based on scalp design and scalp capacity for the transplant of follicles.

Life Continues with SMART FUE

Many patients worry about downtime after transplant surgeries but we at Glojas assure you that your life carries on as per normal upon completion of the surgery.


This patient experiences the health regeneration of new hair growth after 3 months of his SMART FUE Hair Transplant Surgery.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

The Scalp Micro Pigmentation offers an alternative solution for hair loss issues. It effectively camouflages hair loss issues and it’s a permanent solution.


Here at Glojas, our SMART PRP is an enhanced formulation that regenerates new hair growth effectively and permanently!

Stem Cell Hair Treatment (SMART-T) GLOJAS

Successfull stories & client testimonials


I want to look better because I haven’t started my career yet and I’m already balding. So I’ve done research and consulted a few doctors. I chose Dato’ Dr. JasG because he is a certifies ABHRS doctor. He is a hair doctor with a standard. I see good reviews as well. The price is reasonable and affordable.

Joseph, Malaysia
was recommend here by a close friend and decided to get in touch with more information including a quotation. Staff very quick to respond although I was not in the country. After doing some research and comparison, I decided to take my hair transplant procedure to Dato’ Dr. Jas as he offered very competitive price and I saw good results from my friend that he had his beard transplant here.

Jason – Malaysia
I had my first hair restoration done somewhere else and it was a failure. After 3 to 4 years, I search for another option and found Glojas. I wanted to be consulted by Dato’ Dr. Jas. All I can say is he is very professional and had good planning on my procedure. It was so great that I decided to proceed.
The procedure was way better than my first procedure. It was calming and I was comfortable. It has been months now and I am definitely seeing good result and I know the result is still progressing. I am satisfied! Thank you, Dato’ Dr. JasG.

Syed, Malaysia


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