Fountain of Youth

August 22, 2019

Fountain of Youth Only @GLOJAS

How does the Skin Tightening Facelift work? Well, it uses ultrasound technology and Radio Frequency (RF) that transmit energy to the deep tissue. When used on the treatment area, you will feel a warm sensation. This is because it has the capability of reaching deep into the skin tissues while utilising an advanced cooling technique to protect the skin from experiencing further damage.

This treatment is suitable for anyone as the skin starts ageing in the 20s and this non-invasive laser brings back youth and a firmer skin texture. It hardly causes pain except for some, they may feel a very slight burning sensation and slight redness.

While undergoing this procedure, the skin’s condition will be monitored constantly for a comfortable procedure. The transmitted heat can then rejuvenate saggy skin and smoothen wrinkles by promoting growth and production of collagen in the skin whilst improving its texture and elasticity. Once the new collagen is formed, loose skin will look younger and tighter.


To compliment the Skin Tightening Laser, we have the Skin Brightening Laser which brings healthy glow to the skin and removes all pigmentations whilst giving a brighter skin tone. A combination of both lasers cannot be administered simultaneously, it must have a gap of three weeks per laser treatment. In other words, an alternative cycle of every three weeks.


We also offer Gold Threading Face Lift that are done with minimal invasion and the effects last for two years. Real Gold is used and dissolvable. It’s highly safe and effective where one is made to look noticeably 10 years younger!


The change in skin in terms of texture and healthy glow whilst drastic reduction of pigmentations will begin to show from the 3rd week of the second session where customers will begin to experience the results for themselves and many who know them will notice the change in their skin.


This combination of two lasers done alternatively every two weeks does keep our customers coming back and we at Glojas would like to bring it to the masses. Book your appointment today via whatssap and experience it for yourself! +60123529919 / +60178129961 / +60362115555

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