Facial Hair of Distinction

August 23, 2019

Gorgeous Eyebrows & Facial Hair of Distinction @ GLOJAS

Here at Glojas we always advise our valued customers to go with the natural options. We perform 100% successful Eyebrow and Facial Hair Transplants which are not only natural using your own follicles but are permanent. Just as our SMART FUE & SMART FUT Hair Transplant, we do the same for eyebrows, facial and body hair.


Our Doctor, Glojas Doctor is the inventor of SMART Formulation which is a combination of technologies and treatments which also include SMART PRP. SMART Formulation is legally patented and we are the sole owners of our very own invention. This guarantees successful and permanent results.


One no longer needs to tattoo their eyebrows or go by artificial options for facial hair as we do it the natural way. Glojas Doctor  is Malaysia’s only qualified Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) which is the world’s highest governing institute for Hair Restoration Doctors. He is assisted by our In-House and qualified Plastic Surgeon,Glojas Doctor who comes with 15 years of rich experience and knowledge in Hair Restoration, Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery from head to toes. 


Who are qualified Hair Transplant Doctors?


We emphasize the fact that Aesthetic Doctors are not qualified in Hair Restoration Surgery neither does their affiliation or membership with any random Hair Restoration Association qualify them academically. To be academically qualified as a Hair Restoration Doctor, one must be qualified in the practise of Hair Restoration Surgery. Glojas Doctor is Malaysia’s only qualified Hair Restoration Doctor by The ABHRS (The United States) and is also a qualified Licensed Aesthetic Practitioner. Glojas Doctor is a qualified Plastic Surgeon. We need to emphasize this as many people go for knocked down prices without paying any attention to the qualifications of their doctors. We get many patients coming to us after very unsuccessful Hair Transplant procedures.

Glojas warmly welcomes you to fix for your free consultation via call or

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