American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

July 16, 2019

ow to get a successful Hair Transplant ?

Thinning hair can have a big impact on a person, it can cause stress, anxiety and loss of self-confidence.

Making a quick decision on a hair transplant can have devastating consequences for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the result can be unnatural looking, you may have a low follicle survival rate and worse still, so much damage can be done to the donor area that corrective surgery may not be a possibility.


Making the right decision on your hair transplant Doctor from the beginning is so important – to get a natural looking result and to protect the donor area from any damage.


The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery is internationally recognized as the only board certification focusing on hair restoration surgery for physicians worldwide.

You can find a Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ABHRS you can search the physician’s name or your location


Certification of a Diplomate requires demonstration of training, evidence of post-training experience, and successful completion of Written and Oral Examinations on the entire scope of the specialty.


Every Doctor that is recognized as a Diplomate has participated and shown proficiency in both extensive written and oral examinations, each of which is statistically validated with regard to their ability to discriminate between those whose practice habits were consistent with safe, aesthetically sensitive hair restoration surgery.

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