August 23, 2019

The Best from The American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery in Malaysia (ABHRS)

The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery is the highest governing institute for Hair Restoration Surgeons throughout the world. Diplomate graduates of The ABHRS are of superior quality and the process of training and examinations is a vigorous one. Not every doctor graduates as a Diplomate, many fail in a couple of attempts, many discontinue as it involves much time, effort and dedication.

As of today, Malaysia has only one Hair Restoration Diplomate and he is Glojas Doctor (Dato’ Dr.JasG). He is a qualified and registered Medical Doctor and Aesthetic practitioner for the last 21 years. He sees to many patients who come in after unsuccessful hair restoration surgeries and various aesthetic procedures and treatments gone wrong. His success has an Hair Restoration Diplomate and Aesthetic practitioner has been long known and trusted throughout the world. He regularly attends medical conferences in his field of expertise where he gives talks on his rich experience and knowledge.

Dato’Dr.JasG practises Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine, treatments and procedures and his business partner who is a Plastic Surgeon compliments this medical practice. Dr.Mohd Ali is a plastic surgeon with 15 years of experience and his expertise include reconstructive surgeries, corrective surgeries and cosmetic surgeries from head to toe. Dr.Mohd Ali also performs Hair Transplants under the stewardship of Dato’ Dr.JasG. Together they compliment each other in this field of hair restoration, aesthetics and cosmetic surgeries.

Patients throughout the world need to be made aware that being an Aesthetic Practitioner doesn’t automatically make you a Hair Restoration Doctor. Aesthetics mainly refer to aesthetic medicine and treatments. A Hair Restoration Doctor holds double qualifications, one in Aesthetics and the other in Hair Restoration. Dato’ Dr.JasG is fully qualified in both areas of Aesthetics and Hair Restoration. He has spent his entire career in his field that has gained him very rich experience and knowledge whilst dedicated to continuous research.

Dato’ Dr.JasG is the inventor of ‘SMART FUE’, ‘SMART FUT’ & ‘SMART PRP’ and various other aesthetic treatments that fall under his ‘SMART’ solution which is a formulation of various aesthetic treatments  and hair restoration surgeries. The ‘SMART’ formulation is legally patented under Intellectual Property in accordance to the law. The ‘SMART’ formulation aims at bringing out results on par with world class standards hence patients get only the best of outcomes.

When making a decision of choosing the right Hair Transplant Doctor and treatment for Hair Loss, always know your doctor of choice, he or she must be a qualified Medical Doctor as well as academically qualified in the area of Hair Restoration and not just an Aesthetic qualification or Hair Restoration Memberships with various medical societies. Holding an academic qualification in Hair Restoration is pertinent for the success and safety of the procedure. Many get it wrong by looking at cost as top priority whilst failing to look at who the doctor is and if he or she is properly qualified.

Dato’ Dr.JasG invites all those keen in an Hair Restoration Surgery or being faced with hair loss issues to freely contact GLOJAS Smart International Aesthetics at; +60123529919 or +60178129961. Please take note that for patients living out of Malaysia, we provide complimentary hotel stay which is walking distance to our Medical Practice. Consultation is currently FREE and prices are in Ringgit Malaysia.



By Glojas

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