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August 27, 2019


Glojas Smart International Aesthetics is a Hair Restoration Clinic , Plastic Surgery Clinic & Clinic for Aesthetic treatments and procedures based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The Founder & CEO is Glojas Doctor  (Dato’ Dr.Jasvinder Singh) & Dr.Mohd Ali (Plastic Surgeon) who both come with more than two decades of experience as Hair Restoration Experts in FUT and FUE as well as Cosmetic & Corrective Surgery.


GLOJAS gives you the best, safest and guaranteed Hair Restoration results on par with world class standards as Glojas Doctor is Malaysia’s only Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and Glojas Doctor is a Hair Transplant Surgeon.


Glojas Doctor is the inventor of ‘SMART’ which is a formulation done for the best and most effective Hair Restoration results as well as aesthetics results such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair, Face and Breasts where healthy hair growth with remarkable volume is achieved and when given in other areas of the body, promotes remarkable and glowing youthful skin.


Glojas Doctor administers many types of lasers for various skin issues including non-invasive face lifts, brightening of the skin, removal of pigmentations and moles and skin that shines forth healthily from within. Dr.Gloria also administers to non-invasive weight loss through fat burners and lasers for skin tightening which include vagina tightening.


Glojas Doctor on the other hand is a Plastic Surgeon who does corrective and cosmetic surgeries on a very regular basis, from nose jobs, to the ears, eyelid surgeries, breast enlargement either through a fat transfer or implants and breast reduction, lip enlargement and reductions, liposuction for chin and neck and all parts of the body to penile enlargement. Dr.Mohd Ali also sub-specialised in Craniofacial Surgery and is Malaysia’s only Craniofacial Surgeon. He is driven by passion in knowing that the ultimate results is the work of his experienced hands and the results keeps him highly driven.


Our doctors frequently attend medical conferences around the world and share their rich experience and knowledge. All surgeries done at GLOJAS are done on local anaesthesia hence patients are fully aware during the procedures and get to leave after the completion of the surgery. No admission is needed.


GLOJAS is the ultimate Clinic for those who appreciate the first class technologies and high standards available in a developing country instead of settling for third world countries because of their knocked down prices but unknowingly exposing themselves to many medical risks of mediocre or below par medical practises. At GLOJAS, you pay for quality and it does not mean alarming prices but rather prices that correspond with world class standards, quality and most importantly, Safety.


So Yes, we are here to guide you on this journey to fulfil your heart’s desires for a better image in a package that comes with or without hotel accommodation whilst enjoying this robust and first class infrastructure of Kuala Lumpur city Clinic.



By Glojas

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